Opportunity Is Upon Us


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Now more than ever in history we have the ability to reach out to people from all over the globe. Starting a business or a social network is doable very quickly. We can now become Facebook or Instagram friends with people in countries such as India, America or Australia. The world is essentially our communication oyster. We can start a business within a few hours. We can start a fund raiser within days. We can give our time and money to help starving people in Africa. The opportunity to live the life we truly want is now more accessible then ever. This is truly a miraculous time in history.

Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones able to start businesses, anyone can do it. Let’s redefine what a business really is all about. A business is having a product or service of value and selling it to enhance other people’s lives. I used to think of business as boring. But now I find business very exciting because it means bringing an idea to market. Take a look around you, right now. Everything you see, touch, eat or hear is a business developed by someone. Someone had the idea and made it happen. The idea of building a business in the past generations has been an arduous undertaking that took lots of borrowed money, little market study and a huge leap of faith. I was raised with the typical middle class mindset to go work for someone else, because it’s too hard to do on your own, especially for women. My folks made it mandatory that I took typing, shorthand and secretarial skill classes in High School. I really wanted to take art and drama classes. That mindset believed that really successful businesses were run by extremely smart, Ivy League business major folks. I have come to see that this concept is completely wrong. I’ve had to overcome this misguided information from my family because they are working class people with the false belief that wealthy individuals made their wealth by ripping off people or they “just got lucky”. The key to being successful at anything means seeing whatever you envision being successful and taking the steps to make that happen.

These days we have so much at our disposal to start a business and become very successful. Here is a quick start guide to starting a business.

  1. Get a domain through Godaddy. They can build a website for you also(a website is your businesses “Home”)
  2. Set up an Aweber account to build your clientele list (a generation ago this was your roledex)
  3. Set up a Facebook page. This is not your personal profile, but a separate business page.
  4. Learn how to do Ad Copy. This means making ads on Facebook or Google Pay per Click look appealing and clickable.
  5. Have a funnel for your targeted audience. I use Russel Brunson’s Clickfunnels program for this. Take a look at his webinar replay: http://funnel-training.com
  6. Set up your ad copy, your funnel and your business offer.
  7. Post ads on Facebook or Google Ads Words.
  8. Watch the reaction you receive and your numbers(Google analytics) to see what is working and what changes you need to do to get better results.


I will have a training video series coming out shortly to help you with this process. To most people, especially Baby Boomers, this process is completely new and a little scary. I understand where you are coming from. I will break down the business set up process so you can easily get started and see profit.

To your success!

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