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The new Internet Lifestyle Network was launched two months ago by Mark Hoverson (Global Resorts Network) and Vince Ortega. They had been building this new Internet Lifestyle Network over the last year. Low and behold, now the Internet Lifestyle Network is on fire! This is what is inside of the Internet Lifestyle Network:

*A supportive community with like minded individuals

*People from all ages and walks of life.

*People who are tired of their jobs, got laid off or just want a different way of earning a living,

*Educational videos that help you clean up all the clutter in your life so you can move on and create the life you desire.

*A great Facebook group

*Daily instructions on how to monetize your online experience

I just sent out a screen shot of the Internet Lifestyle Network facebook group that had 25 people join within 15 minutes. It is so fun to see people welcome other people into this group. Vince calls this his ‘Familia’. I love it! It is so positive.

The thing about working on the internet is that for most new people the internet is scary and overwhelming. It was for me 4 years ago when I started. It’s really scary for Baby Boomers or older people because it is so unfamiliar. I, as a Baby Boomer, can attest for this statement. Most people who are unfamiliar think that just about everything online is a scam. They hear bad stories of rip-offs from the local news stations, their friends tell them that MLM’s are just scams-they are bad, etc. The thing is that the internet is not going away. It is getting bigger, faster and better every minute. Did you know that there are 70 new social media sites launched every day?

It is my experience that more and more people are flocking to the internet to make money from home. Try Googling the keywords, ‘make money from home’ and you will see pages upon pages coming up. So, who do you trust? Lots of people want to make money from home but don’t know where to go. Or the opposite happens and they try too many ways to make money from home that they get very confused, overwhelmed and burned out, let alone broke. I know this for a fact because I have done that, been there. It’s horrible!

The Internet Lifestyle Network takes all the ‘scariness’ out of learning how to make money online. If I was to start over again, I would choose this and nothing else. I feel comfortable in the group. I get my questions answered quickly. I am shown a step by step way to do something that is not scary. Plus, talk about monetizing yourself-there is the high ticket item that you can sell(GRN) and receive $1,000, $3,250 or $7,700 for each sale. That is awesome. Then there are low to medium ticket educational courses that help people attain a great internet lifestyle, where you earn between $7.50 – $2,000 depending upon the product.

I currently in the process of  developing my own Internet Lifestyle Network that is geared toward people who are disabled, unemployed and of the Boomer generation. I understand this sector of people’s fears and dreams.  Most of the ‘kids’ teaching online marketing stuff go to fast for us Boomers. The kids think we have an understanding, but we  don’t, because we weren’t raised with cell phones in our hands. The generational gap is huge, I will provide a link to connect us again. In the meantime, get into the  Internet Lifestyle Network and get started today to stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more or to sign up to become a member of this amazing network, click here:


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