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Internet marketing degree in a box! I have been part of the Internet Lifestyle Network since the inception of three months ago. This is a internet marketing group and university. The Internet Lifestyle Network was put together by Mark Hoverson and Vincent Ortega Jr. Mark made his first 3 million online within 2 years selling Global Resorts Network (GRN). That was 5 years ago. Since then, Mark has gone on to make millions more by producing educational videos and courses for online marketers. Vince was a struggling online marketer up until 5 months ago when he finally pulled it together and got Mark’s attention to form a new entity called, the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Most of the contact information and communication is via Facebook. Facebook has become a phenomena where a single person can reach thousands of people with one click. I just finished Vince’s course called Facebook Invite All Secret Trick. It was a quick and easy course to do, it is only 13 minutes long. Vince’s shows you how you can reach thousands of people with one click. Pretty amazing.   Here is a video I did with Jing giving you an idea about how great the Internet Lifestyle Network really is and a glimpse of the Facebook course. Take a look at the vid, then join at the link below. You learn soooooo much about online marketing, its crazy!!!

To join the Internet Lifestyle Network, click on this link:

The Internet Lifestyle Network only costs $15 per month to become a member. It is sssoooooooooo worth it because of so many reasons! Namely, you get a ton of support, educational tools to become successful online and if you are really good, access to some to the top internet marketers on the planet. The internet is not going away, it is only getting stronger. If you don’t know how to market online, you are dead in the water. Even if you work for a large corporation, you need to know how to market online. Especially important is knowing and understanding social media platforms such as Facebook.

Vince and Mark will show you everything you need to know to be successful online. I follow only the best. I promote only the products that I personally know, like and trust. The Internet Lifestyle Network is like having a degree in a box! No, you might not receive the accredited university certificate as you would from UCLA or Berkeley, but now a days you may not them those traditional degrees with the inflow of great courses available online.

To join the Internet Lifestyle Network, click on this link:

The name of the game is to do really good in a course like this, get to know the founders of such courses and then prove your worthy of them to partner with you. Once you partner with a great mentor, leader you are on your way to making millions. It’s an awesome game, and great success can happen very quickly. What are you waiting for? Life is too short not to GO GOR IT!!!!

See you on the other side!!

To join the Internet Lifestyle Network, click on this link:


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