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I have  been part of a lot of different online educational marketing systems. To name a few-MLSP, Dot Com Secrets, Numis, Free Commissions, The Reverse Funnel System, etc.   All of these marketing systems have been good, some confusing, but I cut my teeth so to speak on these marketing systems. The Reverse Funnel System was my first introduction to online marketing. I got into that via Ty Coughlin’s great video which showed him laying in a hammock next to his pool in Hawaii. This is an image that most of us want. His video went on to say how he makes hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot. I took the bait, and ended up buying the Global Resort Network (GRN) travel membership. I do not regret doing any of this. In fact, I enjoy my membership with GRN immensely. The RFS (Reverse Funnel System) was a training and promotional platform for selling GRN. The RFS is no longer in business, as they got out at the height of the market. Live and learn!


Marketing Systems Review 

From the RFS I went on to MLSP or My Lead System Pro. Back in 2009 MLSP was just getting started. It was ‘one of a kind’ in the industry. Brian and Norbert, great guys, put it together and did a great job. For me, I just didn’t know where to start using their marketing system, so I quit for a year. I got back into MLSP for a while, but it just didn’t “hold” me. I know of some people who have gone up to the 5th level of leadership in the MLSP marketing system, and that’s alot!

After MLSP I went onto Russel Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets program, which I loved immediately. The reason why I loved it was because of Russel, being a squeaky clean boy from Idaho. He was so fresh, so honest and easy to follow. He set up his marketing system in a step by step process. This whole online thing is so new to most of us. We have to learn the language and get over our fear of computer technology. If you are 40 years old or more, you know what I am talking about.  Anyway, I loved Russel’s training, learned so much for several months. I also started making money online. I remember my first $100 check-a very cool feeling. The only thing was that there were 60+ daily trainings that you would follow and do for 60 days. One built upon the other, but after a while, it too became too confusing. I couldn’t keep up with all different marketing things I had to do to promote my business. I still refer to some of the trainings and marketing systems to date.

Numis was completely confusing and I didn’t like the idea of holding home parties. That style of selling totally turns me off. I did collect some pretty cool coins though.

The Internet Lifestyle Network has been a breath of fresh air for several reasons. I have been a member of this marketing systems for 4 months and love it! Here is the reason why I love this marketing system:

1. It is easy to follow with step by step instructions

2. The Facebook community is awesome, we are surrounded with like minded people who help each other succeed

3. The blog platform is tremendous

4. The educational system is up to date and works!

5. The owners, Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson are transparent and reachable. If I have questions, I facebook message them or submit a support ticket upon which I get a speedy reply.

6. Great platform and education on how to brand yourself or your business

I have never felt so comfortable in a group like this. The ILN is so up to date with teachings about technical stuff as well as mindset. If you have a product or service and you want to learn how to promote it online, this is where I would start.

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