Life Happens, where are you when it does ?


Life happens . . . .

*Kids get sick
*The car breaks down
*An unexpected bill pops up
*A relative needs help
Those are some of the difficult things that happen.
Good things happen too!
*A friend stops by that you haven’t seen for a year
*You get an invitation to stay at a ski lodge for a week
*Your partner whisks away for a long weekend to a secret place
Fun! But what if you are working for someone else and can’t get away?
Case in point:
My dear step father was in the hospital three weeks ago due to fatigue and weakness. He’s 89 and has a myriad of health issues. In fact, he’s been in the hospital 26 in the last decade. Everyone thinks he has more than nine lives. He is a remarkable man, a legend, in fact. He and his partners wrote the California Real Estate Tax Laws 60 years ago.
At any rate, my folks needed help for the last couple of weeks filling out paper work, figuring out whether my step dad should go back home or to an assisted living facility. It’s been really tough on my mom, since he’s been resistant to having any help at all. But due to his physical condition we all thought that an assisted living situation would be best.
Now he is adjusting to the wonderful facility at Reutlingers Jewish Community. I am so happy for him, for now. We’re going on a 30 day trial run with him at the facility. Mom is sleeping better and my step dad has consistent, good care.
This big life transition has taken a lot of time to set up. I did the paper work, phone calls, made arrangements, etc Thank goodness I have my own automated business that works like clockwork. I am so grateful that I took the shot years ago to choose this route for my career. It has allowed me to take care of my family, travel the world, enjoy tennis, volunteering, being there for people.
During this time my long time friend,Yann, top right in the above photo pops over for a visit from France!
I love him like my brother. He visits my folks and I once a year around this time. We went to Livermore to enjoy a large plant nursery and then a winery. He visited my step father daily. Very loyal. My mom, husband, Yann and myself took a drive up to Sonoma to visit my Aunt and enjoy
Sebastiani winery. It was a blast!
If you are thinking about checking out a career online I highly recommend it. It’s not always easy, there’s tech stuff to learn, but if you have the right attitude and drive you will be successful.
Believe me, I know since I’ve been in the industry for 8 years.
And I love being there for family and friends when ‘Life Happens”

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