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I entered the world of online marketing eight years ago after I read Timothy Ferriss’s book: The Four Hour Work Week. I read every word, twice. Shortly after that I hooked up with Mark Hoverson because he resonated wisdom, warmth and compassion, let alone a ton of online marketing knowledge. Low and behold he has lived up to that through the years.

Warning: Mark is now recovering from a major blow of cancer. He is very thin, but don’t let that detour you from his teachings. He is wise beyond his 39 years. He was one of the first guys to build a successful online affiliate business a decade ago.
He’s seen the world of online business ebb and flow, so he knows a thing or two.
I’ve gone to several meetings that he’s conducted in Tempe, Arizona and even wrote a chapter in his book, The Million Dollar Day. In fact, the weekend we were all writing together in Tempe was on my birthday. One afternoon we all went out to the nearby Greek restaurant for lunch and Mark generously paid the tab in honor of my birthday. Then a tropical monsoon came through and rain started crashing in through the plastic window shades.
A great day to remember.
So, I am happy to announce that Mark Hoverson, is conducting a Solomon SuperClass tomorrow, March 3 at 1 pm EST.
1-min registration for “Solomon Super Class” on Saturday, March 3, 1pm EST/10am PST:
Imagine building your dream lifestyle with the same sense of enthusiasm as kids when they are making a tree fort in the woods with their best friends.

It doesn’t feel like work, yet it’s challenging.

There are obstacles, and sweat, and thirst, yet it’s trounced by the feeling of ownership and achievement.

King Solomon the Great writes,
“Where there is no vision, the people perish…”
(Proverbs 29:18)

This upcoming Solomon SuperClass will focus
on how to fill up, brighten, embolden, refine, and release your VISION in a powerful and proven way.

Join us on Saturday, March 3 at 1pm EST to refill and reignite your vision according to Solomon’s wisdom.

HINT: when your vision is strong, the “WORK” becomes lighter because more and more clients are attracted to moving the vision forward.

TIP: when you vision is nourished, you are able to work from a place of “overflow” and abundance because your motivation lifts with a clear vision.

Discover how to tap into these concepts, and much more during our Solomon SuperClass, Saturday, March 3 at 10am PST:

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