The Key to Success is Simple


The key to success is so simple that most people miss it. Or they don’t believe it. We just haven’t been taught that key until now. Our human evolution has gone from theism to humanism to dataism and ending up in learning about the power of our minds (Law of Attraction). The theory of going from theism to dataism I learned from economist, James Altucher. Super quick synopsis of these terms: Theism is the belief in a powerful entity outside of ourselves that judges us and determines our fate, starting tens of thousands of years ago. When people got sick or something bad happened to them, they believed the cause was that they didn’t follow their “God’s” law. This was the era of sacrifice and fear of whatever God a person subscribed to.

Humanism is the belief that your doctor can tell you what is going on if you are sick and how to get better. Dataism is the belief that computer data can tell you why you are sick, such as an MRI. Most of our hospitals are filled with machines that will give us information about any part of our body. You can even get a full body scan to see what ails you or as a preventative. We are approaching the last stage of our development which is vast.

Law of Attraction is the last and perhaps the final frontier of our human evolution. And it’s a huge, controversial subject. Everyone has heard about the book, The Secret, and has laughed or scoffed at it. Some people have embraced the teachings( and become very successful). The teachings are simple for success. Are you ready? Do you want to know the key to success?

Here it is: Visualize yourself being or having that thing you want whatever that might be, a happy marriage, a successful business, the latest hot car, millions in the bank, etc. Feel it actually happening. Describe it in detail. Write it down on a piece of paper and look at it several times daily. Simple. Our minds will do exactly what we tell them or ourselves. We can attract good things as well as bad things into our life experiences.

I have acquaintances(no longer friends, more about that later) who are always complaining¬† about how poor they are, or they can’t seem to find a nice mate, etc. And guess what they keep getting? More of what they complain about. Simple. My other friends who are happy and embrace change or discomfort with a positive attitude tend to be living a wonderful life. They have an “I can do it” policy for whatever situation is in front of them. Unlike my complaining acquaintances who keep harping on the same problems and which begets more of them, my “can do” friends are fun to be around and are actually empowering. Choosing to be with people who are happy and empowering is another key to success.

The key to success is simple. Your thoughts are the most powerful thing you’ve got. Choose your thoughts wisely. Choose where you put your attention. If regular news media is depressing, don’t watch it or watch less. Whatever you focus on, you get-how simple is that? The Law of Attraction gives you more of what you are thinking about whether you are aware of it or not. If a task seems difficult, but you have an “I can do it” attitude, a gentle force will help you through it. It’s like magic. Try it!

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