A New World

I believe it was Robert Kyiosaki who said, “The next business gold rush will be invisable”. He is referring of course to the internet. The world wide web has become a world wide phenonema. Did you know that the www. was originally invented for physicists to network? That’s it, nothing more or less than that, as important as that still is! Back in the 1970’s when the concept of the www. was formed even the top scientists who used the www. could only get their minds around using it amongst themselves. It took another decade to realize how important this tool is or could be in our everyday lives.

Here we are 30 years into the internet age. Within the last five years, the average person has started using the internet PC on a regular basis. Now we are becoming active on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and WordPress blogs. And we are just getting warmed up! There are dozens of ways to connect to family, friends and businesses via the interenet.

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