Just Jump In!

As Nike said, “Just Do IT!” I am saying,”Just Jump In!’. I am referring to leaning about social networking and marketing. I am in the process of setting up this blog, connecting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.  As I said before on my About Me page-the internet scares me. But you know what scares me more? Not knowing about this fascinating social phenomena.

Regular “jobs” are falling by the wayside and are being replaced with online careers. But, the news media is not saying too much about this New World. Interesting. It is now more than ever important to connect to friends and family through the various social medias. Why? Because your friend might know of someone who knows of someone who needs your service. No longer to you have leave a voice message and wait for days for the return call. You can now go online immediately, access their Facebook profile or Youtube account and know more about them. You can contact them immediately.

And this is just the beginning. So jump in, ready or not and start setting up your blog or your Facebook profile. Let me know how I can help you!


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