Social Networking is the New Sliced Bread

I remember my grandparents referring to a new invention that is so basic-its like “sliced bread”. Back in the 1920’s when you went to the bakery to buy bread it only came in a whole loaf. The bakery business was doing ok up until then. But, when Kilpatrick (one of the first  USA bread companies) came up with the novel idea of selling ‘sliced’ bread-it revolutionized the whole industy. The company quickly became a multi-million dollar a year business. Customers options had widened so they could choose to buy a whole loaf, a sliced loaf or inidividual slices. Seems basic, doesn’t it? Well, that is what social networking is doing for the internet.

We now have accees to ‘slices’ of the internet or the whole loaf. Each of the social network applications are the ‘slices’. I just typed in ‘social network sites’ in my browser and a list of 280 popped up.Tha Alexa ranking(most popular) listed Facebook as number 2 from the top. For example with Facebook I can see my friends vacation photos, childern photos or gift ideas. I can see what some of my friends businesses are doing. I can market my business to on Facebook. So many options!

On Twittter, its a quicker, simplier application for connecting to one another. Quick tweets gives your followers an idea of what you are up to. You can start or follow like minded ‘groups’.

On LinkedIn you can connect to your business associates, potential employers or employees in more of a corporate format. is great for submitting and storing your own videos. The videos can be uploaded to any of your social networking places. Another cool slice.

This is just the beginning too! There are at least a dozen other social networking sites that people are using on a regular basis. Jump in and start connecting! If you need help-let me know:

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