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Internet Marketing Training

CARBON COPY PRO – Where Serious Players Hangout

This is the automated system that I am using on the front end of my Global Resorts Network Business.  This is the ONLY automated system that has sustained the test of time and continues to not only thrive but push entrepreneurs to the top of their game.

System includes the use of the websites, an application process for your prospects at which point a call center will contact your applicants and close your BiB sales, the funnel system leading your prospects to the sales copy for Global Resorts Network presented by Mark Hoverson, live and recorded internet marketing training, tracking, ability to customize your pages, and live events.

Test Drive Here:  www.YourAffiliateLink.com

To sign up and get your system CLICK HERE (send them to application page)


7figurelogo-300x123The ‘7 Figure Networker’ System
The 7 Figure Networker System offers predone lead capture pages, internet marketing, one of the largest active forums online, live help through chat in the forum as well as from other members, live webinars, recorded trainings, and it a funnel system that you can leave as it or customize and brand you to.  It runs $49/mo.  Click Here To Become A 7 Figure Networker. <– hyperlink to your affiliate site.


Full Internet Marketing and Attraction Marketing University.
www.YourAffiliateLink.com FREE and $49/mo if you upgrade

This is a step by step, click by click, all things internet marketing and attraction marketing training site. You won’t find manuals and instructions to download and read and interrupt. It’s visual, with 300+ videos. Easy to understand for senior citizens, baby boomers and of course, the young whipper snappers.   Offers everything from very basic beginner “How To” to the advanced SEO tactics.

There is a free portion of the University which takes you through the foundational principals of attraction marketing and multiple streams of income. You will have an opportunity to learn some strategies so you can experience the learning style. You can upgrade to the Professional any time you wish.

This University is an affiliate program. You will receive $20 per month, per user for those you refer to the services. As you can see, it’s only going to take referring 3 people and your site fees are covered and then you will be receiving monthly checks.

Three reasons for utilizing Renegade Professional.

1) A place to learn with 300+ step by step video tutorials on all things internet marketing. You will learn the skillsets you need as well as learning about attraction marketing and personal branding.

2) You will market as a leader with a training platform program. Renegade Professional is personally branded to you with your picture and contact information. Your prospects and leads will be happy to see that you are “in the game” and are the coach for that platform.

3) You will be paid handsomely for referring others to Renegade Professional. It’s an affiliate program and within a short period of time, there’s no reason for you to not be generating an additional 4 figure a month stream of income by referring others.

Get your FREE account at www.YourAffiliateLink.com and see if this is a training platform you would enjoy learning from.


AutorespAweber Best email autoresponderonders

This is the online service for keeping safe the names and emails of your prospects who opt into your lists.  Only you have access.  This is where you will create your opt-in forms and establish your email follow up campaigns.  Every business owner who wants to send emails to their list needs an autoresponder.  Aweber (Hyperlink to your affiliate site) is the one I recommend but if you already have another, go with it.


Attraction Marketing Materials From Ann Seig

Ann Seig’s Renegade Network Marketer System

Ann Seig’s Renegade Network Marketer <– hyperlink to your affiliate link

ann Seig Ann Seig’s Renegade Marketing System

Ann has also influenced my growth and
success and I recommend you study her book and implement. She teaches attraction Marketing and Multiple Streams of Income

The Renegade Network Marketer
The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing
Renegade Network Marketer

(This is also the course book
for Renegade University)

The 7 Great Lies of
Network Marketing


NOTE: When you pick up a copy of Ann’s ebook, The Renegade Network Marketer, you get her entire marketing system for FREE and that has 40+ multiple streams of income.


Ann’s Most Recent Release:
The Attraction Marketer’s manifesto



mike dillard Mike Dillard’s Library of Business Building Resources

Mike has influenced my success. I recommend studying his materials and implementing his strategies.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring

magnetic-sponsoring-product-shot_top_systemMike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring (Hyperlink)

This free video series will change the way you view the network marketing industry forever.

Sign up for Mike Dillard’s free 7-day video bootcamp and find out for yourself why Mike is network marketing’s Donald Trump.

I can’t imagine anyone starting their home based business without this product because it’s the very core of what attraction marketing is. To read this is to understand what it’s all about.


Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula 2

Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula 2 ( hyperlink)

This is what I like to call the internet marketing bible. Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, and Tom Bell unleash everything in this millionaire blueprint.

Learn how to do everything from copywriting to creating your own laser-targeted capture pages, and of course, how to drive massive traffic and convert that traffic into dead presidents (aka money, green paper, cash) like clockwork.

Co-authors Tom Bell and Tim Erway have made millions online in many different industries, which goes to show you can apply these techniques to any online business and dominate your market.

If you’re not serious about your business, don’t waste your money. This is only for people that want to make $10,000/month or more. It’s a serious course, homework, study and application.


Mike Dillard’s Building On A Budget

Mike Dillard’s Building on a Budget (hyperlink)

If you are on a budget and want to learn how to generate a ton of highly-qualified leads for dirt cheap, this is your resource.

Learn about video, classifieds, forum marketing, article marketing, and more!!

He gives you step by step instructions for many ways to advertise for free up to $500. A great resource to keep handy.


Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting – Prospecting & Posturing

Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting. (hyperlink)

Let’s face it, systems are great and I wouldn’t do business without them, but at the end of the day people do business with people.

If you want to become a Jedi-Master on the phone when you’re talking to your prospects, invest a few bucks into this audio series.

Mike makes handling objections no big deal. It was a great help to me as I started talking to people.


Adwords Study

Mike Dillard’s Pay Per Click Domination


Free video interview with Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Jim Yaghi, and Mike Dillard on how to generate hundreds of leads with Google Adwords.

Jim Yahgi does a great job taking the student step by step and not only explaining the “how to” of Google Adwords, but also the way and any little tricks and tips are passed on to the viewer.


Website Software/Hosting

BLINKWEB Website Software


Dan Razumuff is the owner of Fast Web Coach as well as a Global Resorts affiliate and helps other’s set up their website as he has time.  Visit his site and check his schedule.  If he has time, he’ll make it happen. It’s not a high end, high class website, but it’s one that will get you started and allow you to get your feet wet.


Hosting Services




Blogging Services

Scott Turner


Video Submission Services

Traffic Geyser

Traffic Geyser (hyperlink) is an online media and audio service that will help you dramatically boost your exposure and leads using video marketing. What traffic geyser can do… is automatically upload any video you make across 75+ sites in a matter of seconds, so you don’t manually have to do ANY of that work. This results in you being plastered all over the Internet and creating MASSIVE exposure for yourself without having to be the one to upload your videos to over 75+ sites.




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