Network Marketing for Dummies

The first thing to do in marketing anything online is to join:,, and Just by joining these groups you will have access and links to hundreds, thousands, even millions in time. This social explosion is happening right now. Twitter goes on the blink every so often because people are flocking to it for various reasons. I just tried to join a new group and couldn’t because the system was overloaded! Doesn’t that tell you something?

Everyone is on Twitter or Facebook for starters. When I watch the news there is always a connection to one of those two. The whole world is connecting to eachother. It absolutely amazes me! My nephew who just turned nine, pulls up his guitar music sheets from Youtube.

It cracks me up how people resist change. Many of my friends and family are terrified of the internet. I can relate, beacause, I was too. Thats is why a week ago I wrote the article, ‘Just Jump In’.  There is really nothing to be afraide of and everything to gain.

18 thoughts on “Network Marketing for Dummies

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