A Whole New Year!!

Here is a fresh start to a whole New Year. Beginnings are energizing, filled with new promises and dreams to live. As I look to my past year, I feel that I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted to with my personal and business goals. However, I tend to be hard on myself as most of us are. As I look back, I didn’t do so bad. I have secured a book writing contract, developed lots of other streams of income and have employeed some pretty nice people in my organization. I have built a great team around me. I always like things to be a win-win situation for everyone.
A couple of weeks ago my husbands’ family and myself spent the weekend in San Francisco. We did a very fun scavenger hunt in and around Union Square. That experience taught me that when your heart in is the right place and you are on a mission, your frenzied energy can sweep people up who want to help you achieve your goal. Especially when it is fun. People love helping others. We even had some people give us their contact information so we could report back to them how our team did.
On Sunday morning we went to Glide Memorial Church for service. That was a great experience. Wonderful people, very uplifting and engaging. The chorus was cool, sort of like in the movie, ‘Sister Act’. My take away from Glide and the whole weekend is in this short verse,”Life is Short, Live Your Dream and Wear Your Passion”.
I encourage you all to do that in this New Year!! Let me know how its going from time to time. Cheers!!!

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