New Year and New Wiring

I just got off a great morning wake up call run by Norbert from My Lead Systems Pro (mlsp). FYI-That is a great system to learn internet marketing, running your own business and getting support from people of like minds. Anyway, Norbert was talking about ‘Mindset’. We have probably all heard this before-that everything you have on the outside external world is a reflection of your inner beliefs. True or true??This is absolutely true.

I have been struggeling with businesses for years and although I have had some success, it is nowhere near what I want to achieve. So, it’s time once again to take a look at my own ‘hard wiring’. As Norbert explained, we all have been programmed by various external factors in our lives since we were babies. I’m not pointing the figures at parents or anything else, although they could be a contributing factor of how we shaped our inner beliefs and inner image of ourselves. As a women, baby boomer I remember being told that “women aren’t good at math” , “if you are a women you need to learn secretarial skills so you can survive”, ect. That is very, extremely negative and disempowering beliefs set by my parents and grandparents own belief systems. My grandma said that ‘rich people’ were selfish. Even though I am very aware of these beliefs, they still run part of my life, thus I am not where I want to be. I am not blaming, but just stating the facts.

We are like computers with a ‘hard wiring system’. We can tweek our systems. We can also install new ‘software’ to be able to adapt to a frantically changing world. I am going to give you the shorthand version(I did take secretarial courses in school) to change your ‘hard wiring’. Here are those steps to do so:

1. Be aware of your thoughts, actions and words on a daily basis. How do you portray yourself to others? How do others see you?
2. Write down the limiting beliefs.
3. Write down the opposite of those limiting beliefs and feel the difference.
4. How are your relationships?
5. Correct yourself when you see or hear yourself downgrade you experience. Think of the positive outcome as if you were the person you want to become.
6. Become your best self and enjoy your dream life that you are creating.

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