Boomers Are Living Longer

You_You've_become_to_beBaby Boomers are living longer than any other previous generation. However, they have been programed to work until they are 65, save money for retirement, then retire and live off their retirement savings. Problem is they are outliving their retirement provisions. And the other problem is that they are still thinking they have to work for someone else. Most companies are not hiring people that are past the age of 55 yrs. old. That is a scary predicament.  There is a new movie coming out in September starring Robert De Nero called The Intern. The Intern is about a 70 year old widower who has to go back to work. Until this becomes the next new trend you may have to settle for something less glamorous. Do you want to be a host or hostess at Walmart? They’re hiring. Walmart will pay you minimum wage. NOT!

What is the alternatives? They are many alternatives that are better than being a host or hostess at Walmart. Here is a list of alternatives:

* Bring your idea that you’ve thinking about for years to fruition. Develop a quick business plan, do a great video and have other people help you fund your dream at  or  Let your dreams become a reality.

* Buy a franchise business. There is a franchise business for just about any type of business you can think of. The range is wide from fast-food chains to carpet cleaners. The only caveat is that the entry price is between $10,000 to millions to start. Plus, you need to be trained for a year or so. Then the mother company usually takes a deep cut in the profits for many years to come.

* Join a multi-level marketing (MLM) business. Think Herbalife, Avon, Amway, Usana, Vemma, etc. These MLM’s have physical products that are shipped out to customers on a regular basis. Go to to pick the best MLM company for you. If you work the program and enjoy doing home parties, this route may be for you.

* Join an online marketing educational business. OMEB’s are the newest trend in online education. This sector of business is very similar to an MLM with the exception that the products are digital, not physical. These are educational business systems that show people how to start a business, how to market a business online, how to promote a business on social media and so much more. These businesses do not require any inventory storage. You will just need a good iPad, iPhone or laptop. The entry price is typically very low, sometimes only $47 per month to start. To achieve faster results the entry fee may be $500 to $3,000 to start.

Many of the OMEBs are plug ‘n play. You simply follow the video steps to set up the system. All you, the affiliate, has to do is to bring traffic to the site. The system then sends out emails to your potential customers to keep them informed about the system and get them started. Sometimes a live operator will call your potential clients for you.


I have been in the industry for 5 years. I have reviewed dozens of OMEBs and have a couple that I use and promote. This area of business is changing rapidly. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC is making up new rules and laws for doing commerce in the digital world. They have to because the internet is the new Wild West. Just recently banks are no longer opening merchant accounts for OMEBs offering FREE 7 day trials. They have found that the drop off and returns take too much time to process. I found this out because I am part of the iPas2 System. Chris Jones is the founder of the iPas2 System and he gives us weekly updates via video on the digital business world.

Take a look at what Chris has to say: Chris explains iPas2

Some Baby Boomers are open to the online world, but most are still reluctant to learn how to get around the internet. I think that it is just a matter of time before the reluctant Boomers become more comfortable online. As we go forward in our fast changing technological world more Boomers will realize that it is worth the effort to learn how to do business on the internet and triumph over it for a brighter future. Boomers will be able to travel, spend time with their grand kids, and receive the best health care by becoming part of this online world.  They will have the funds it takes to live well. The effort is worth the freedom.

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