Allow Your Life To Be Magical

Magical Creation 2Yes, your life can be magical. Notice I didn’t say “make”, that is too harsh. Allow is an opening up, a release, a surrender to the lifestyle of your choosing. So many of us are hard wired to push, force, or punish ourselves through life, never getting to where we want to be. The Industrial Age taught our folks that they had to sacrifice, work their fingers to the bone, keep working even when the work was done. It’s a pretty hard way to be like that. So many of the religions of the world tell us to sacrifice, that you are not worthy, but God still loves you. To me that is a lot of negative and convoluted messages from historical institutions which seemed to instill the Law. As we move into the Age of Enlightenment we are finding that the past Laws may have had good intentions, they are now cumbersome.

The word Allowing is a release, a positive feeling of lightness. Being in that emotional space allows us to be more in tune with the freedom of our own creation. This is considered Magical. Use your imagination to create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.









How is this done? How can I create the lifestyle of my choice?

It is simple, but not common: Write down in detail exactly what you would like your life to look like.

Where do you want to live? Write it down.

What do you want to drive? Write it down.

Where do you want to travel? Write it down.

How much money do you require on a monthly basis? Write it down.

What charities do you want to contribute to? Write it down.

Continue with the list until you have every possible detail written down. Look at the list before you go to bed at night, and again when you wake up. Thoughts and ideas will come into your mind that will get you to that dream lifestyle. Follow those feelings. Follow your heart. Tune into your intuition and let it guide you. That is the language of God or Source or the Universe. Source wants us to be at peace to enjoy our earth experience. That’s why we are here. Allow your life to be Magical.

Magical Creation