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The Internet Lifestyle is now the ‘New Trend’. There are a multitude of great reasons why people want to live this lifestyle. Since you are reading this, this type of lifestyle is something you find appealing and may want more information about. In this article I will show you the tools you need to start living the Internet Lifestyle. You will learn about who you will be sharing the virtual space with at any given time. The internet has opened up a whole new world of lifestyle freedom. Some people love the option  technology offers while other people villanize  the internet. We’ll be discussing the different approaches and trends people take towards the internet. The first thing you need to do is commit to learning how to live the Internet Lifestyle. You probably already have your reasons. You will learn even more reasons why it is important to become internet savvy. We will go over some basic questions that people ask me all the time to see if the Internet Lifestyle is a fit for you.












Why Live the Internet Lifestyle?

The number one answer is: Convenience

Most companies are putting their customer service and billing online. Reason: It is easier to organize and maintain most any online business. My household services such as water and PG & E are all online now. The bills are easy to pay online, plus I can monitor our usage. Especially since I reside in California where we are having a horrible drought, I want to see my daily water use. Even if you don’t want to do business online, doing your bills online is the bare minimum you can do to streamline your life. Imagine paying your bills online from your vacation in Hawaii? No more paper needs to be involved(think of all the trees being saved) There is less stress on the postmaster as well, although delivering packages will be increasing.

When I refer to The Internet Lifestyle I am insinuating working and earning a living online. Here are some of the perks of working online:

Easy commute to your home office(just down the hall)

Less wear and tear on your car

Less stress on you

No need for ‘office clothes’ or uniforms

More Time Freedom

The ability to build your own product, or have someone else build it

The ability to take someone else’s product, market it yourself and have other people join ‘under’ you to market the product while you receive residual commissions (MLM Marketing and Affiliate Marketing)

The ability to learn social media and connect to people from different walks of life from all over the world.

The chance to make as much income as you desire

The chance to make residual income

The opportunity to spend more time with your family

Schedule your day as you wish(flexibility)

Lead a more balanced life




Who is Living the Internet Lifestyle?

People in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s tend to be the majority of online business professionals. The Internet Lifestyle is not just for millennials (Age 30 or younger). Now-a-days even if you are working for another company chances are that you are working online a good portion of the day.

I see the age of people working online creeping up into the 60’s, 70’s or more. Reason: We are living longer and wanting to experience more in life such as travel. Your pension or 401k may not be enough to fund a month long stay in Paris or Fiji. Earning some extra money online can help you obtain the vacations of your dreams. Or perhaps re-locate to a fantasy island.

Another reason why working online is valuable: In the event  you get injured and can’t return to a regular job. I personally experienced this many years ago when I suffered a stroke which paralyzed my entire leftside of my body. Fortunately I was able to recover, but I still wonder if it could happen again. As we age the chances of some sort of aliment increases. And just like in Real Estate I want to be realizing residual income without having to do too much once my initial foundation has been set up. Setting up a great online business will get me (and you) to your goal.

#FYI Fact- 16 million people per year join an online business.



How to Start Living the Internet Lifestyle

Decide that this is the lifestyle for you. Realize that you will be your own boss and will make your own hours. For most people, making your own hours is very difficult due of lack of discipline. Most of us have been taught to ‘work for someone’, not ourselves. Many people feel out of sorts if nobody is there to tell them what to do. Fact: 97% of the people work for the 3% that have discipline. A big part of working for yourself is the freedom to work your own hours. That doesn’t mean no working. Sometimes, actually most times, you will be working more hours and harder than the average employee. Then again, you’re no longer the ‘average employee’. You have decided to take your own life into your own hands so you can earn the income you desire, live any where you choose, travel, etc. Is it worth it? Hands down “Yes!”

Make the commitment to learn computer basics. Pick a business system that is right for you. Business systems are businesses that are already layed out for you so all you have to do is learn how they work. Picking a business system may be the toughest part. There are two main attributes to look for in a business system:

1. It is a real registered business. Check to see that the business has a filed entity structure such as an LLC or Inc. Read the Legal documents explaining how the business works. Make sure you understand how the system generally works upon signing up with the company.

2. Pick a business that you know, like and use. There are businesses in every industry under the sun. If you are interested in the weight loss industry, you should be using the product that business promotes. Or if you are more interested in promoting online marketing education(that’s my specialty) make sure that you are using the products and have produced some results. If you like adventure travel, promote travel while on vacations.










Attitude For Living the Internet Lifestyle

Have ‘Can do’ attitude. Realize that you may fail a lot before you start making money online. Even though some systems tell you that you can make $1000’s within the first 30 days, and some people do, don’t be discouraged if that doesn’t happen.

Be willing to continue learning the business system and marketing methods. Keep going no mater what.

Celebrate your ‘Wins’. Jump up and down when someone joins your team. Connect with them via phone, email or Facebook.

Join similar Online Marketing groups on Facebook or other social media. Interact with people, see what they are up to.


Where Do you Find Online Businesses?

Social media groups such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You will see people promoting their current online business via their posts.

Clickbank –

MLM Rankings –

Amazon Affiliate Marketing –

I’m a regular on Facebook and follow serious online marketers. I will look at a business and perhaps even join it if it is recommended by a reputable online professional or mentor. My mentor was in the same business I belonged to two years ago. He left that business for a better one and I followed him. I have not looked back. Industry professional are becoming more savvy as to what new online marketers need and they are building great, easy to follow businesses.

What’s an online business Scam?

Many people are wary of online businesses, some even think that they are all scams, which is not true.

Answer: A business that has not been legally filed. And does not have an income disclosure document.

There are thousands on online businesses that are legal and legitimate. Avon is the number one MLM business online and offline-still after 40+ years.

People who start an online or offline business may stop once they realize that it takes real work to make it happen. This could take weeks, months or years. Alot of people unfortunately villianize online businesses as scams because they didn’t realize how much work it takes to be successful.

When you are considering an online business, look at all the documents carefully, and make sure you read the disclosure docs.



Tools For Living the Internet Lifestyle


Smart phone

Good Internet Connection


What To Do After You Picked A Business

Read the system set up and then set up the business as you are shown how to do. Look at the online training modules. Talk to your coach or mentor.

Set daily and monthly goals for getting started such as:

1. Choose a domain for your primary business link. I use Godaddy for all my domains and hosting. They have great customer service and 24/7 phone support.

Instead of having your main Capture Page link look like this:

Pick a domain that describes the business or the idea such as this: . This link looks better and gives an idea of what the business portrays.

2. Learn and understand your business so you can explain and show other people how it works. All businesses need to be marketed to get customers. Find out the best marketing method that appeals to you. **Stick to that one method until you are comfortable with it and are getting results. I can’t stress this point enough!

Too many people try to learn too many marketing methods at once and end up broke and confused. I have made that mistake, so I speak from experience.

**Advice #1 – Slow down, don’t rush through learning the system and the set up. Alot of people rush through something they have a difficult time learning then give up saying it’s “too hard”. So slow down, take your time and you will “get it”.



Any business under the sun has a funnel whether it is online or offline. A funnel is capturing your potential customer’s name, phone number or email. Then you follow up with your potential customer by a phone call, flyer in the mail or an email video or message. You continue sending out interesting and informative literature about your product to tantalize your potential customer into buying your product. The whole idea is to stay in front of your customer so when they think of buying your type of product, they will buy yours.

Offline funnels are started by a phone call(telemarketing) or a tradeshow. Once your name is collected you will receive updates about the products, any new products and/or an invitation to attend a seminar. You will then keep receiving information until you buy or tell them to stop sending(or calling) you.

Here is how a basic Online Funnel works:

1. Advertise your capture page link that shows a FREE offer.

2. Your customer automatically is sent to that FREE offer and hopefully benefits from it.

3. Email marketing begins.

4. With diligent and good email marketing you will be receiving lots of sales for your product.


Advertising and Marketing

Let’s look at the difference between advertising and marketing.

Advertising: Paying a service to promote your business such as Google Adwords for PPC marketing, Facebook ad advertisements, or putting an advertisement in a magazine.

Marketing: Getting the word out.  Letting potential customers know that you exist. Billboards, online forums, or chatting with people on Facebook are good ways to ‘get the word out’ for your business. Offline marketing would be doing trade shows or joining the Rotary or Meetup groups.

Some advertising and marketing methods can blur together such as Billboard ads.

The best way to promote your business is to do a combination of the two. For instance, if you have an online business you will want to advertise by doing one of the following:

Advertising Methods

* Facebook Ads

*Google Adwords or PPC

Solo Ads

Magazine Ads

Online Newspaper Ads

Skymall Ads (especially if you have a physical product)





Craig’s List

Classified Ads

Church Bulletins


Marketing Methods

Car Signs

Wind Signs

Meetup Groups

Chamber of Commerce

Town Parade

Trade Shows

Free Seminars or Webinars


All Social Media

Newspaper Inserts

Email Marketing


With any of these methods you also be doing email marketing.

A Word About Email Marketing

Email marketing is simply sending out an email via your auto responder. Most people use or Get Cost is $20 -$40 monthly. An auto responder allows your potential leads or clients to get onto your list. Your LIST is GOLD. Those are your potential clients and buyers of your products.

** Super important Fact: Your business will probably have it’s own auto responder series of emails going out to your leads. That is a beautiful thing. You essentially don’t have to do anything but drive leads to your business affiliate link. (That is why I joined the iPas2 system-it has great email follow up messages). However, if you want to go to the higher level, you should really do your own follow up email messages to your list. Doing your own email messaging is an art. You can make up your own email ‘copy’ or buy ‘ done for you templates’ from

How Email Marketing works:

1. Learn through your autoresponder tutorials how to get your first List set up.

2. For advanced marketers: To have more control over your leads, this is optional, Subscribe to a Capture Page System such as so you can set up your own ad that leads opt into that will go onto your other list. Case in point- My iPas2 leads go directly to my Get Response autoresponder. I send out my own emails almost daily even though iPas2 is also sending emails my list. iPas2 and Get Response are connected. If I wanted to send my leads to my Aweber list, I would have to set up my own capture page on leadpages.

3. Send a daily or every couple of days email to excite your lead about your product. Give value(educate and inform) and continue to show how great your product is for them.


 Advertising and Marketing Packages

Consider these combinations of advertising and marketing to get the word out about your business:

Package 1

Free Facebook marketing

Solo Ads

Go To Webinar meetings or Free webinars

** Email Marketing



Package 2

Instagram marketing

Google Adwords PPC

Free webinars

**Email Marketing




Package 3


Skymall Ads

Google Hangouts

**Email Marketing


In the above packages notice that I’ve included one social media, an ad format and a free educational webinar. And always Email Marketing.


#FYI Fact- People are more inclined to join your business when you host an online event to show the end results first, then what it is and how to use it, second. I know, it sounds crazy, but most people want to know about the results they can expect. They tend to act first, think second. So if you have proven results that you can show your leads, you’ll be in the money in no time flat.


Suggested Hours for Working Online Depending Upon Your Personal Situation.

I have provided three scenarios of how much time and how it should be spent on your business. The more time you can spend, the faster your business and pocket book will expand. Do what you think is reasonable and suitable for your own particular situation. The scenarios below can be altered according to your modes of marketing.

>>If you work 5+ days, 40+ hrs. per week with a commute time of 1 hr. = 45 +hrs. And you have kids and a house to care for even 1 hr. can be extremely productive.

Commit to: 1 hrs. per day working on your business.

* 20 min. on the Social Media of your choice-give value, that means ‘teach something others may find valuable’; this could be your latest results or how easy it is to set up your system or the people you admire or an inspirational quote.

* 20 min. on getting more traffic to your business(ads or free Facebook marketing)

*10 min. Plan your webinar topic, research it and tell your Social Media friends about it.

*10 min. Email Marketing


>>If you work 5 days, 40 hrs. per week with a commute time of 1 hr. = 45 hrs.

Commit to: 2 hrs. per day working on your business.

* 1 hr. on Social Media of you choice-give value, that means ‘teach something others may find valuable’; this could be your latest results or how easy it is to set up your system or the people you admire or an inspirational quote.

* 1/2 hr. on getting more traffic to your business(ads or free Facebook marketing)

*15 min. Plan your webinar topic, research it and tell your Social Media friends about it.

*15 min. Email Marketing


>>If you work part time, 20 hours per week with a commute time of 1/2 hr. =22 1/2 hrs.

Commit to:  4 hrs. per day working on your business.

* 1 1/2 hr. on Social Media

* 1 hr. on paid marketing

* 1 hr. on free marketing such as Craig’s list

1/2 hr. email marketing


Checklist of What You Need To Start Living The Internet Lifestyle

1. Decide to commit to learning the internet lifestyle, be disciplined about it.

2. Pick a business

3. Set up your system

4. Pick and implement an advertising/marketing package

5. Email your lists daily or every couple of days

6. Get to know people in social media, network for fun and support

7. Enjoy your new found freedom!


Major Rule of Thumb-Daily Checklist

1. Get your mindset right-Listen to Zig Zigger, Jim Rowen, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.

2. Email your list

3. Get new traffic

4. Do Value Based content: Post informational content on your blog or Social Media or shoot a video that will inspire and educate your potential customers.


Online Glossary of Common Terms

Autoresponder – A system that collects your potential customer’s email. The most common ones are Aweber and Get Response. – A popular autoresponder system

Capture Page- An attractive sales ad which has a free offer in your chosen area of interest. All your customer has to do is enter their email address and they will instantly receive a free video or e book about that product. (Squeeze Page, Opt-in Page- same as the above).

Content – A piece of information in the form of a video, a blog post, Facebook post. Value based content will inspire and educate your audience, and stimulate them to buy your product(s).

Domain – An online name for your product, business or blog. This is essentially online real estate. Once you secure your domain, no one else can take it. GoDaddy is the most popular domain and hosting company on the internet.

Email Marketing – Sending out daily or every couple of days an email to tantalize and educate your potential customer so they buy your product. – An online company where you can make up your own Domain and have it hosted.

Search Bar – Located at the top of the search engine of your choice. Most people  use Google and that’s why you hear people in conversation say, “Google it”.

Search Engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex. Think of search engines as your TV channel where you can watch different programs.  You can find out about anything in world by typing into the search engine your question. For example: If you wanted to know about what puppy vaccinations you need, type in-puppy vaccination- and a whole bunch of information will appear. Choose the website you like.

Warning: Most top websites,position one or two, will be ads.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) Getting your link or website to the top of Google or other search engine. The goal is to have your link or website on the first page of a major search engine.

Squeeze Page, Opt-in Page- same as the above.

Funnel – Staring with a capture page, followed with a FREE video or information, followed up by daily emails.

Traffic – Potential Customers who will buy your product(s).

Upload – Put a photo or document from your phone onto your computer or put your video onto Youtube.

Download is just the reverse of upload.


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