The New iPas2 System Review(Scam?)


The New iPas2 System Review(Scam?)


I find it the world of online educational business systems interesting. I have even been part of a few creditable systems myself. The fact that many folks looking to start a business online enjoy plugging into a ‘system’ that will show you the internet marketing world. Many of these online businesses can be scams. Let’s first discuss what a scam really is and how to avoid them.

Scams are ‘businesses’ that don’t sell anything, but are just in the business of having new people join, then promote to get more people under them. The hype to get people interested is usually showing photos fancy cars and lots of cash. Most people want to ‘Get Rich’ and the hard sales tactic that so of these companies push onto the consumer makes it difficult to turn down. If you are a good sales person and are convincing enough to get hundreds of people under you, you will make a lot of money. But, if the company gets slapped with a lawsuit, or doesn’t pay their taxes the government will come after you eventually to collect for the companies wrong doings. Scams are not registered businesses such as an LLC or Inc. Scams don’t have a business license. Scams are illegal. Scams usually won’t give you a refund. Scams don’t have the necessary legal papers such as the Terms and Condition page which lists every possible issue a business may encounter.

The new iPas2 system has all of the Terms and Condition pages put together by a professional legal team. There is an Affiliate Accreditation process, Compliance Training and dozens of other essential legal procedures all accessible at the bottom of the home business page. The new iPas2 system is not a scam. It is a legal entity and business that has helped thousands of people new the world of online business become successful. This is one of the most organized online business franchise I have ever seen.

Everything taught and explained in this business is transparent and legal. It is set up as a legal franchise.

*** There is a disclaimer saying that there is no guaranteed income***

Chris Jones,co-owner and partner, explains how to set up and begin promoting this online marketing educational franchise or your own product. Chris Jones and David Wood teamed up to combine iPas2 and Empower Network. The iPas2 is the traffic engine for Empower Network.


iPas2 = Internet Prospect Acceleration System


Why choose to become an iPas2 member?

*    Step by step instructions show you how to simply set up your business within iPas

•    You will learn how to promote any business, not just iPas2
•    Proven track records and testimonials show that people are really achieving success
•    It is a cost effective business franchise with a low cost entry

•    You can work from your laptop anywhere in the world
•    Once you understand how online marketing works you can really scale your business to reach numbers you have dreamed of.

Why not become an iPas2 member?

•    It is a new business model that most people are not familiar with

•    You need to have a computer and internet connection
•    You will have to learn how to set up your account and market your product

•    You will not ‘Get Rich’ overnight
•    To be successful can take months or even years


Membership Levels and Prices

EN –Empower network affiliate fee                      $19.95/mo
Kalatu Basic or Premium subscription                 $ 25/$97/mo
Elite Tools                                                            $100

Top Producer Formula                                         $500
Team Building Formula                                        $1,000

Predictable Traffic System                                   $2,997
6-Figure Builders Club and traffic sources
Traffic Tripler Handbook                                       $297
Live Weekly Coaching Training

Total                                                                     $5,000 (see the next sentence)

Chris will give you a deep discount for a specified time when you join at the Basic Level and go through the set up training.

You do have a 14 day money back guarantee when you join.

What you receive when you purchase a membership:

*A mentor
*A coach who can critique your marketing methods and help you
* How to Get Traffic courses.You will learn several different marketing and advertising strategies such as paid and free Facebook advertising, PPC advertising, Youtube PPC, Pintrest, etc. All these educational videos can be done at your own pace and budget.

6-Figure Builder Club Level additional items:

*The Top Producer Formula
Selling Secrets
Recruiting Secrets
List Building
Internet Marketing
How to Upsell
•    Team Leadership module
•    How to Empower and lead your team

*** There is a disclaimer saying that there is no guaranteed income.***

Elite Club Member additional items:
* A ‘paint-by-number’ guide on how to get traffic

Several different marketing and advertising strategies such as paid and free Facebook advertising, PPC advertising, Youtube PPC, Pintrest, etc. All these educational videos can be done at your own pace and budget.

New terms, ‘Uni-line’ = An income club that you need to upgrade to, once you upgrade you will be at the ‘top’. All the other members of your team will be below you and you will receive commissions and bonuses. There are three Uni-lines: Beginner, Elite and 6-Figure. The 6-Figure uni-line creates a $650 sales per new sale.

The best and fastest way to reach your income goals is to join at the Elite or higher level so you can plug into the predictive traffic system and receive 10x commissions.

The main thing you have to do at any level is plug into the training and start getting people interested in the iPas2 system.

If you have read and understand the review AND would like to get started, click here


To Your Success!

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