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Business training tools are essential for online marketing. Since I was completly non-tech savy when I first started out marketing affiliate systems online, I needed help in a big way! My mentor, Christine, suggest that I try one of the best business training tools available online. It turns out that My Lead System Pro(MLSP) is one of the first business training tools available online of its kind. And MLSP is the first marketing system I bought a couple of years ago when I first started marketing online. This is like a school format of ‘business in a box’. It was a little confusing to set up initially, however, I was one of those ‘Tech Challenged’ persons at that time. Since then I’ve gotten over it. Anyway, Norbert and Brian, the owners & developers, do a great job. This online business training tool includes such features and resources as:

*Step by step webinars on how to set up their system and be able to market your affiliate businesses with your MLSP affiliate link.

*Updated site and marketing tools

*Live business training tools webinars daily

* Morning wake up calls at 11 am EST

*The newest marketing systems available

*New products to promote

*A sense of community with interaction on Facebook and live webinars

* Products that you can promote automatically to generate income

* The support is good, although it is via the computer only, available during certain hours of the day.

* They are masterminds for organizing the ‘No Excuses Summits’ every year in Las Vegas which bring in a large crowd full of online marketing gurus. I went last year and it was very inspiring. They sponsor up and coming internet marketers who share their own business training tools. You can even reach Norbert and Brian on Facebook to ask them a direct question. This is one of the best business training tools I have found on the net. And I have studied dozens! The world of online marketing is constantly changing so it is super important to stay updated and on the pluse of your own arsenal of business training tools.

The online community on Facebook is wonderful and very informative. People are constantly sharing their own business training tools that have worked well for them. The thing about online marketing is that you can try a few things, throw out the things you don’t like or use and go forward using your best business practices.

Here is a link to their site; Check it out, it is good information that you can always use.

I will continue to keep their system in my arsenal of business training tools. I do highly reccommend them.

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