Go Slow To Speed Up



Thor and I say Hello to you all!

I’ve been busy re-doing video scripts for my campaign launch. I am laser focusing on doing one great campaign. In the past I’d try to do a few different things, get confused and paralyzed with too many choices. I’m just so excited about the world of endless possibilities that the Internet brings to us.

If a person wants to start their own radio show all you need is an Internet device: iPhone, tablet or PC; and a podcast account. Individuals can start almost any type of business on the Internet. This new world gives us time freedom. But, there is a learning curve involved. Through the years I’ve learned to go slow with learning new things for them to stick.

The trick to being successful online is to laser focus on one thing when starting out.

Quick Internet Business Tips:

•Master a specialty such as Facebook marketing or hosting webinars.

• Get into a supportive and informative Facebook community.

•Be a consumer of your own business.

•Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from other people’s mistakes first so you can become successful faster.

•Don’t fall prey to deceitful ads promising you thousands of dollars right away. You need to scale your business and that takes time.

Patience is a virtue. Take the time and trouble to learn basic technology as it will serve you in the future!


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