Stay Current, It Could Save Your Life!

  • iphone-class-007I just took an iPhone course to stay current and learn more about my phone. I learned more about the iCloud functions and importance. Updated to iOS 10. The new functions are kind of strange to get used to, especially the sound effects when texting.
    Staying current with technology is not an option anymore unless you don’t care about connecting with others, the latest news, the latest apps to make your life better or you just want to rebel against technology.
    Many of the older generation are biased against learning tech because it’s so strange and seems difficult. It is strange and can be difficult but it’s not going away. It is worth going through uncomfortably in order to stay current and possibly save lives.

    Below are some valuable apps you can use in an emergency.

    In our 7 billion population knowing how to use your phone can literally save your life. If you are stuck in traffic, you are a diabetic and you need help someone could look at your app called ICE ( In case of emergency). This app stores important information such as who to call, insurance information, doctor names and numbers, medications, special instructions in case your incapacitated.

    A great emergency app is Disaster Readiness which has 175,000 reference guides on how to respond to any disaster situation. This handy app will show you how to find or create a shelter. There are sections on floods, fires, evacuation and other preparations for disasters.

    Stay informed about dangerous weather with imapweatherradio. No matter where you are this app will alert you to dangerous weather.
    The American Red Cross First Aid app gives you expert advice about any emergency situation. This emergency app gives you videos, step by step guides on how to handle anything that you may be faced with.
    Car repair expert app called RepairPal will help you out in a jiffy. You will have peace of mind knowing this app will find a great mechanic, track your repairs and give you roadside assistance.
    Another piece of advice when helping older people learn how to use their iPhone – be patient. Learning technology is a rewiring of the brain. Young brains just catch on easier because they can!


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