Revenue Sharing – Better Than The Stock Market

There is a new way to compound your money without having to ride the up and downs of the stock market. It’s called Revenue Sharing. This is an online business. There is no recruiting or sponsoring necessary as in most businesses online.  In my last post I discussed Traffic Monsoon which is the biggest and most popular Revenue Sharing program. The main goal in a revenue sharing company is to have your money compound hourly. All you have to do is set up your account, fund it with $50 (an adpack) and click 10 ads per day. You can put up banners to advertise a business you already have and you can advertise with banners to get affiliates to join your team. But, you don’t have to promote the revenue share program if you don’t want to. Your money will continue to grow as long as you click 10 ads daily. Simply buy ‘Adpacks’ to get your money working for you. Your money that you put into Adpacks will give you a return of 120% at the lowest level. Most levels go to ten. At the tenth level you earn between 145 – 160% depending upon the company you choose. So let’s say you put in $100. You will make $120 back within a certain amount of time.

The caveats are that you are not guaranteed any money at all and once you put money in, you cannot get a refund.  However, you won’t be risking much if you put in $50 – $100. Actually you should do that just to see how fast your money grows. I’ve been a member of all five companies listed below for just two months and I am profiting each and every day.


Some of the most popular revenue share programs are:

Traffic Monsoon

My Paying Ads


Traffic Goals



Term to know:


Revenue Sharing Tips:

  1. Start with $100 for 100 adpacks
  2. Re-purchase often(daily) to ramp up your adpack
  3. Max out your adpack levels. Each level has 200 shares. There are 10 levels.
  4. Make sure you click 10 adds per day. Your money is only working for you when your clicks are current every 24 hrs.
  5. Deposit $100 – $50 weekly. Your adpack levels will increase quickly.
  6. Post your results on social media. Use Jing (free) to take a screen shot for posting.
  7. Make Youtube videos of your My Paying Ads progress
  8. Use an opt in page connected to your auto-responder to capture new leads for your team.

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