Collapse Time-Get More Things Done











Collapse Time-Get More Things Done

5 Minute video by Mark:

In this 5 minute video, Mark Hoverson will show you how to collapse time so you can get more things done. Most people are on the ‘slow’ train in life. They allow “Life” dictate a slower pace. As an Entrepreneur, the faster you are to implement your ideas, the faster you will attain results. Do not let others people’s slowness deter you from your dreams. Leaders get things done fast. Leaders delegate tasks. Leaders demand the best.

Mark shares with us about collapsing time. The internet allows us to do so much more than ever before. Time collapsing can help us in our personal life as well as our business life. Don’t allow of people to pull you into their ‘slowness’ in life. Ask vendors, spouses, business partners, etc, “If you were me, how can I get this done?” They will then shortcut your ideas into action.
You will speed forward your ideas more quickly.

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