Relevance Is The Key To Happiness


Emil Villas





Today I had breakfast with my dear step father, Marvin Starr, at his favorite breakfast place-Emill Villa’s Hickory Pit in Walnut Creek, CA. Marvin is an incredibly great man on so many levels; he is compassionate to others almost to a fault, he is smart as a whip, he is a deep thinker and funny. One of his gifts is that he makes you feel special. When you are in his presence you feel like you are relevant and have value. I have been blessed to have him in my life for the last 38 years, my mom did a good thing by marrying him. Whenever Marvin and I get together we talk about life, our thoughts and feelings about current or past events which have impacted our lives somehow.

As I sat down in the booth, Marvin was already talking to a regular there at ‘Villa’s’. During our 2hr. breakfast we both were talking to people that we have known in the past. The feeling was similar to the old sitcom ‘Cheers’ but more in a Maybury way. As we ate, Marvin and I talked about certain family members that we were concerned about. We talked about my online life career. But more importantly, we talked about his life and the relevance he feels that he has added to so many people’s lives. Marvin just gave a short speech to his law firm’s 50 year anniversary party last week. He didn’t prepare it in advance, he ‘winged’ it and it was perfect because it came from his heart. He spoke about looking back on his life in the firm as well as his personal life, he feels as though he is and has been relevant. Relevance equals giving value to others from the depths of  your soul.

The people I see who are the happiest in life are those who feel like they have contributed something of value to the world. They feel relevant. They have made the world a better place. You see, as human beings we have an innate desire consciously or not, to evolve. We set goals and achieve them. Then we raise the bar for bigger and higher goals. The people who are happiest are those that stretch beyond their comfort level and achieve those goals.

Marvin is a deeply fulfilled man because he has added tremendous value to humanity not just in his unique law practice, but in listening and caring for others. He seeks to ‘hear’ you. He empowers you. He makes you feel good.

So, my questions to you are:

How are you giving relevance in the world today? What are your gifts that help others?

And that was the topic of our breakfast today.

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