Why Online Marketing?





One of the major reasons I got into Online Marketing was to have a business that I could rely on if I became physically handicapped. I say that because many years ago I had a stroke that left me paralyzed on the left side of my body. I couldn’t do anything except lay in a hospital bed. Then, after 2 weeks, I could move my toes, after three weeks my leg and then my arm. Slowly, but surely all the movement came back to my left side. I went through rehab for 1 yr. to learn how to walk again. It was a true blessing that my senses came back and made me functional again. I count my lucky stars everyday.

We are now in a day and age where it is very possible to make a great income online. Unfortunately, most people, especially baby boomers or older, don’t trust or believe in online marketing. Granted, there are some spammers and annoying marketers out there. It’s difficult to know who you can trust. But, there are some great businesses that actually help people change their lives for the better to gain financial freedom and independence. I have been studying online marketing for 4 years. I have learned from 5 different educational systems. I have struggled with technology (and still do). I continue to develop my businesses until they gain traction in the market and help other people do the same. I am committed to that.

Back to my stroke-if I had one again, I know that my husband and I would be okay financially because of the time and effort I have put into this business. I now have a large following of like minded people who I enjoy interacting with on almost a daily basis.

Life can be very uncertain. Accidents and disabilities happen, people age and it’s hard to get around sometimes. Having an online business is a good thing to have in your back pocket in case something happens to you physically. This is a reality that a lot of folks wish to ignore.

In closing, I respect and admire people you have opened their mind to the online world. It is really a blast to connect to like-minded people all over the globe. I have learned a lot from people in Africa, England, Canada, Australia, Texas, Hawaii, etc. The internet is such an exciting place to be. I can talk(chat) to someone in Kenya, then go to my garden and pull weeds for a break, then come back and learn something from another person in England. It’s just fun!

I wish you much love and success in your endeavors . . .

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