The Winds Of A New Year!

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Welcome to 2014! I entitled this first post of the year as “the Winds”, because with the New Year comes a new life. The Winds of new life, fresh beginnings, are blowing into our sails as we set course this year. What are you going to change or ‘do’ this year? I will share a little reflection time with you and tell you my future vision. We are all on this journey together through life. My biggest ‘star’ if you will, is to bring better education about online marketing to viewers like yourself.  Let’s get this party started!

On January 1st I finished reading the book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo. It was a wonderful story about a young shepherd, Santiago, who had a strong desire to find his ‘treasure’. He needed to follow his Personal Legend which would lead him to find his treasure. He made the decision to leave his loyal sheep and predictable life in search of his ‘treasure’. Throughout the story there are metaphors, colorful characters and a world of miracles woven into the pages. I interpret the Personal Legend to be the gift we are born with that will enhance the world, and ourselves. We all have a Personal Legend. Some people are closer to it than others. Our hearts tell us when we are close to our Personal Legend. If you happen to read this amazing book, you will know the secret of my title to this blog post. What is your Personal Legend?

The last movie of the year that I saw was  the highly controversial, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I may have just lost a few of you, but read on. I was drawn to see this movie because I love Martin Scorese films. I also study powerful people with drive and huge ambitions. Leonardo Decaprio depicted an exceptionally driven man who was just a ‘nice’ kid when he entered Wall Street. At the beginning he thought it would be a good thing to have the stock game be a win-win situation for both client and broker. But he was told by his superior broker, played by Matthew McConaoughey,  that was not the case. So Jordan Belfort became a sociopath and preyed on people for their money.  Belfort lived a life of high crime, high living, debauchery and eventually gets caught. In jail he wrote the book, The Wolf of Wall Street.  After watching a few videos about Belfort, I find that he has turned himself around and is trying to help people in their businesses. He is now a motivational coach, lecturer to Fortune 500 Companies and helped Richard Branson launch Virgin’s Australia fleet.

I am writing about this because I find the dichotomy fascinating. A lot of people hated this movie for obvious reasons (JB ripped off thousands of people, had misogynistic tendencies, etc). Then those same people go on to say that they loved the other new movie, American Hustle. I think “What” to the same folks who hate Wolf and loved Hustle. In both movies they glorify ‘people ripping off people’; this just doesn’t make sense to me. In a conversation, with a good friend, on New Years Day about these movies I brought up the point that audiences enjoy watching the ‘outlaw’ get away with living outside social boundaries, just as they did in the Academy Winning ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’. My point is that life is a paradox and we are all a mixed bag.

As an online marketer, I only promote products that I personally use, like and trust. This year I am ramping up my Private Travel Club at  This Travel Club is a great way to vacation for a full week (while paying only $398-$699) at over 5,000 resorts worldwide. I love to travel, thus the Travel Club!

As a Baby Boomer, I am highly promoting online resources to folks who want to work online at home or anywhere in the world. We are such a mobile society now. And as a Boomer there are loads of ways to make an income from home. In fact, in the next year or two the ‘online working at home’ is going to explode. People are beginning to trust this new way of earning a living, and entrepreneurs are making better products. I love it! Next to this blog post you will see some of the educational systems I have used and believe in enough to promote.

I am also going to be strongly promoting my book , Guerrilla Marketing To Baby Boomers, which was published in March 2013. A whole new campaign will be developed around marketing this book to Entrepreneurs.

The Wind of a New Year are upon us. What sails will your Winds of a New Year blow to make 2014 an amazing year?




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