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As a tenacious entreprenuer, I have come to know and respect the network marketing industry. Most people don’t know what network marketing is, so they label it a pyramid. Nothing could be further from the truth! Network marketing is a business that was started by an individual(who invested time, engery and money). Think Avon, Mary Kay, Visalis, Melaluca, etc. They then create an opportunity for other people(called an affiliate) to sell their products, using their own time, energy and money. It’s similiar to a franchise. However, most franchises start at $5,0000 to own and operate. Big name franchises like Burger King and McDonalds cost $1,000,000 or more to purchase, then the franchisee must go through rigorous training and give a portion of the profits back to the main company. In network marketing you buy a system to promote a product and recieve a portion of the sales as a commission. Network marketing cost alot less than a franchise and can be started immediately.

Network marketing is much more afordable for the average person.  Alot of online network marketing systems charge between $37 -$150 per month. Most network marketing companies provide sales training and promotional items for their affiliates. To do well in this industry you must be tenacious and very active promoting your product. In the old days, (2 years ago) affiliates would hold meetings in their house or in public meeting halls. Most affiliate marketers would hit up their friends and family first(usually a huge turn off). Those few extremly persausive, passionate affiliates would become the ‘winners’ in their company and prosper. Unless you are extremly driven will you would never make a dent in the affiliate marketing arena.  Thus, most people are not driven and lack self discipline to prosper in the network marketing world. Network marketing is also labled MLM’s. Because most people fail, the whole network marketing or MLM is dubbed ‘a pyramid’. This negative term is starting to turn more positive as more and more people are taking the time to understand what network marketing really is all about.

Things are alot easier for the average affiliate to make it in the network marketing world today thanks to the internet. Network marketing companies are creating some incredibly pertinent content for marketing anything online. Network marketing has allowed mothers to stay home; injured or retired people to make a living using just an iphone. I am personnaly doing this so I can travel and work anywhere I wish.

Internet network marketing is the best platform to work from to promote your products to millions of people. Social networks are abundent as are autosyndicators to promote your ‘link’. But, by just  promoting links can be another huge turn off. Social networking is about creating relationships with others. If you have a product that truly adds value to other people’s lives, then you have a winner of a product and perhaps a business. To be successful with internet network marketing one needs to learn how to do it correctly and be surrounded with like-minded fellow marketers. That is why I have choosen to become a member of the Internet Lifestyle Network or ILN. To find out more about ILN, see my previous posts that goes more in depth about the company. If you would like to take a look right now at the company, click on this link:

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