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Scam or Online Educational Franchise?

            "This is a scam!" I hear this all the time because I use and promote online business education franchises. People are skeptical about many things online.  They may be thinking that someone will hack into their computer and steal their money. This happens to some people who don't know … [Read More...]

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Facebook Friend Tips

                Facebook Friend Tips: I get a lot of Facebook friend requests. Unfortunately most of them a simply to sell me something quickly. That is offensive. And a total rookie mistake. Whenever someone sends me a friend request, this is what I do: 1. Go to their FB … [Read More...]


Me, Glenn Beck and His $90 Million?

            Are you kidding me? I have always thought from the talk amongst friends and family that Glenn was a racist, a bigot, a religious fanatic, a fascist and a money monger. Well, well, well the media sure knows how to twist things around to breed hate and disdain for this media celebrity. As a … [Read More...]

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The 5 Basic Steps For Online Business Success

                We all want to be successful with our online businesses. But how come only a few people are successful and most people struggle with their online business? This is a question that so many of us online marketers want to discover so we can become successful. I have … [Read More...]

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How To Do Network Marketing-from a Boomer’s perspective

            I fell in love with the idea of network marketing about 5 years ago. The idea of being able to make a nice living in the comfort of my own home, or from my laptop anywhere in the world really appealed to me. After reading Timothy Ferriss's book, The Four Hour Work Week, I was smitten with … [Read More...]


Avoid the Bag Lady Syndrome

          As a female Baby Boomer I have been concerned about outliving my retirement investments. I see many women my age, give or take a few years, with the same concern. We are living longer than our ancestors. However, we have a huge advantage that our ancestors did not have - education, information and … [Read More...]

Youtube Marketing

Youtube – The Fastest Growing Marketing Method

    Growing your business on Youtube is so easy, even a kid can do it. As business owners we all want to grow at a steady pace. Some of us want to grow faster. Market growth is a nebulous term and personalized to your business plan. But, if you want to grow fast-Video Marketing will get you there! Just the other day while I was … [Read More...]


5 Steps On How To Improve Your Facebook Engagement

  Social networking is the easiest and most fun way to build relationships. Facebook has made it possible to create friendships with people all over the world. If you are promoting a business, this networking platform is a perfect fit. Not everyone wants to promote their business online or in social media. That's fine. Each person has their … [Read More...]


Mindset of the Successful

                Success has more to do with the proper mindset than all of the hundreds of marketing systems available. Believe it or not mindset is 80% of marketing and the actual execution of marketing methods is 20%. Hard to believe? Think again. Success is about having the … [Read More...]


Discount Travel Truths and Secret Tips

  As a somewhat seasoned traveler, I am always looking for more affordable ways to travel the world. The travel niche has hundreds of ways to save our money while experiencing other cultures. More people are traveling than ever, because they have found bargain basement deals that so many companies offer. We will take a look to see if … [Read More...]